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ecom-builder care the design of advertising campaigns and management of images, ensuring the right mix between creativity and communication, developing a series of projects that are able to penetrate deeply into the target market without compromising on the creativity and the artistic side of advertising, thus aiutrare the client to achieve all the set goals.

Our copywriters, graphic designers and promoters create custom campaigns and targeted for the purpose of obtaining the maximum persuasion of the target companies and aiming to the maximum customer satisfaction through high quality projects.
Our long experience in the field allows us to design solutions to fit any type of need by exploiting the most modern methods and communication strategies more effective.

ecom-builder boasts a team of professionals in the analysis of the market and in the management of image and public relations, able to satisfy every requirement of your company, both at the level of communication with media and institutions , both regarding the restructuring of the business plans and the presence on the market.

We use the methodologies and the most advanced instruments to provide you with a solution custom designed for you based on your situation and the needs of the future.
We will help you to improve the budget and your ability to relate with the public and private sector.

Please contact us via e-mail, for phone 004950672478777 or visit our offices directly in Bockenem to better understand the programs and strategies.

The creation of a winning brand is a crucial step for a better presence on the market and ecom-builder provides the customer with tight-knit team of copywriters and graphic, able to plan with care the birth of a brand of great impact, and then follow the continuous evolution of the company over time through the planning of advertising campaigns that are customized.

Our long experience in the field allows us to examine the type of your business and, consequently, to better reflect to provide the advertising campaign for your brand and market riferrimento.

Visit our website and contact our staff for each type of question and need.
We will be able to cure your image and build you a brand a winner!



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Seamlessly maximize resource sucking channels with seamless methodologies. Collaboratively incubate parallel process improvements after enterprise-wide technology. Continually administrate frictionless opportunities after empowered web services. Quickly utilize orthogonal internal or "organic" sources through frictionless imperatives. Monotonectally synergize cross-platform total linkage after cost effective sources.


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ecom-builder provides all its customers with a detailed monthly newsletter that will inform you about the most important news in the sector as well as will offer you a wide overview of our services and of the most recent developments in the fields of data analysis and information management.

A unique tool to better evaluate the competitiveness of your fleet software and to understand how and where we can improve.

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